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Hi, I’m Ajit, and welcome to my Blog Home page! Now first things first, I have to admit to not giving this page as much time and attention as I would have liked, so this little area may seem a little bare to begin with.

Like many photographers, I’m sure, sometimes finding out a very specific thing about a topic, or a product isn’t always easy to find. So, the more information that there is out there, the better for all of us, right?

I’ve decided to separate the blogs so that you can filter them a bit easier. There’ll be wedding blogs and photo shoot blogs, for all those who I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph, landscape blogs, which I will throw in anything from seascapes, macro, astrophotography, and general landscapes(!) Finally, photography gear reviews. These will be not just for other photographers out there, but for anyone who is curious about what I use, which in itself is a journey of discovery and evolution!

Hope this will eventually be a place you’ll stick around for a while, sit down for 5 minutes with a cup of tea (or coffee if you’re a coffee person), and have a quick read. For anything you’ve enjoyed, remember to like and share, plus please feel free to leave any comments or questions. Most of all, thank you for reading till the end 🙂

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